Our Vision

To be the most successful food company in the world.


Our Mission

Driven by relentless Focus on our Guiding Principles, we will constantly drive to execute, with a disciplined approach, the critical initiatives required to achieve our Vision. All of our long term strategies and short term actions will be shaped by our Core Values. In doing so, we will deliver Operational Excellence in every corner of the company to meet and exceed our commitment to all stakeholders we serve.

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Our Core Values



We are honest and can present the truth in an appropriate and helpful manner.

We are authentic.

We keep the confidence of those around us. We conduct ourselves ethically.



We value individual differences and what they contribute to the organization.

We treat people the way we would want to be treated. We are loyal in people's absence.



We take ownership of difficult situations and manage them appropriately.

We are answerable to ourselves and each other.

We can be counted on to do what we say we are going to do.

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Our Guiding Principles

Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • Embrace a sense of pride and passion about the Company and its business
  • Demonstrate a bias for action and sense of urgency to establish and sustain our competitive advantage
  • Show a clear intolerance for politics and bureaucracy by practicing hands on leadership to create an uplifting environment for employees
  • Foster a mindset of continuous improvement in every process, person, product... believing that there is an infinite capacity to improve everything we do
  • Establish an environment to encourage decision making while insisting on placing substance ahead of form and flexibility ahead of structure

Family Values in Business

  • Cultivate an environment to promote effective and frequent communication... all without judgment
  • Build a strong commitment to diversity, constantly driving to remain responsive to employees... believing that an organization which sustains its employees is destined for glory
  • Drive and passionately advocate the spirit of our most valuable asset: "our loyal employees"... which are our source of pride, our source of strength, and our source of inspiration... taking care of our people
  • Promote change as an infinite opportunity for growth and renewal, while infusing the heritage and traditions of the past with innovations of tomorrow to guide the organization through the next generation...

Disciplined Approach to Business

  • Ensure that assets and resources are utilized to achieve maximum return... believing that we can always do more with what we have
  • Insist on thoroughness in pursuit of delivering results knowing that there is no limit to asking questions... ask questions...
  • Establish and cultivate relationships with customers and vendors who assist us in our pursuit of long term, sustainable, and profitable growth
  • Aspire to become a master at all the critical drivers of the business
  • Emphasize the critical value of collaborative decision making, recognizing that this will result in a superior business outcome

Social Responsibility

  • Embrace a strong commitment to community citizenship sharing our time and our resources with those in need
  • Strive to preserve the environments in which we operate by constantly adopting best in practice policies
  • Ensure the continuous relentless evolution of the Sofina Foundation and its affinity for children's causes and needs... children are the future...
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